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Canahari is a quality-focused warehousing and order fulfilment provider based in Calgary. We work internationally on ecommerce and retail distribution of fresh, frozen, and ambient consumer goods. Our talented and experienced production crew leverage their knowledge and expertise to ensure that your customer orders are picked, packed, and delivered to specification every time.

Our team understands that your success relies on your customer's experience and we do our best to make it as amazing as possible. We listen to your needs, ideas, and inputs. And most importantly, we make working with us an enjoyable experience for you.

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Many online businesses use e-commerce order fulfillment solutions to gain efficiencies within their retail distribution. The purpose of retail order fulfillment centers is to receive and distribute the goods customers order from your online store. Canahari runs an efficient order fulfilment warehouse serving businesses across Canada. We provide our clients with speed, access, and complete flexibility – to get their products to consumers.

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Whether product samples, promotional materials, or other product groupings, Canahari is able to take on any number of product lines (SKU's) to combine them into a single unit. Special retail distribution or a specific customer promotion can be adapted to meet project-specific needshandled at our Western Canadian or Quebec locations. Custom assembly lines give us a major advantage over larger companies that often cannot adapt assembly lines for quick or easy mobility.

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Our Services

Whether you are a leading online retailer, or a start-up E-commerce business, we are able to provide you with high-value fulfilment services at incredibly competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering the most flexible warehousing, packing, and kitting services possible.

Here are some of the services we offer.

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Picking and Packing

You didn't get in business to pick and pack boxes, so let us do what we excel at, giving you an opportunity to develop your business.

Kitting and Assembly

We have considerable experience in both re-working and kitting products for re-distribution.

Inventory Management

We look after every detail of the stock that you carry, such as batch or temperature controls and minimum stock levels.

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and fulfilment are important stages of the order fulfilment process. Only pay for what you use.

Your success is our success – it’s in our DNA to relentlessly focus on our clients’ needs.


Our Team

Our team is inclusive, motivated, and strong. Our culture is based on a fundamental belief in people and the potential they possess. We create an environment where our people are motivated by their peers to discover new strengths.

Voké Boghean

Founder, President & CEO

Bernel Boghean

Founder, Vice President

Jerin Koshy

Manager, Operations

Fayez Haddad

Inventory Mangement

Jihad Salman Salaba


Production Team


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Service Components

100+orders monthly
  • Acquiring customers
  • Facilitating transactions
  • Managing orders
  • Delivering orders
  • Returns management
most popular
400+orders monthly
  • Managing orders
  • Volume discount shipping
  • Materials supply
  • Inventory management
1000+orders monthly
  • Global e-commerce solutions
  • Volume discount shipping
  • Materials supply
  • Inventory management
5000+orders monthly
  • Global e-commerce solutions
  • Volume discount shipping
  • Materials supply
  • Inventory management

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